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This is an opportunity to deliver a unique and quality product to the marine industry.

Our manifolds last longer, increase fuel economy and power output. You will have the ability to offer a five year warranty, customised product and you will receive sales support and marketing materials.

Hi-Tek Marine is currently in a position to capitalise on international market diversification with distribution agents being acquired to satisfy these markets. Exporting accounts for a considerable percentage of revenue, fuelled by e-commerce opportunities.


AMERICAN-HI-TEK.COM info@american-hi-tek.com - Hi performance and race applications
Australia : Victoria vicmarine@optusnet.com.au - Julius - Victorian Marine Technology
New Zealand 642743 85638 - Kevin Mowles - Hi Tek New Zealand
Germany info@hitek-marine.de - Detlef
Sweden 4670 733 4574 - Mikael Granquist

We are committed to:

1. Meeting consumers needs through research and development
2. Exporting to foreign markets
3. Supporting the company�s distribution agents

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All our stainless steel marine products have our name on them.

Complete customer satisfaction with every purchase
Correct grade of stainless steel is used
5 year limited warranty
Zinc anode prevents electrolysis

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